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Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program is run by a team of school personnel (teachers, staff, administrators, nurses, counselors). This team has been trained to understand and work with the issues of adolescent chemical use, abuse, and dependency, and also adolescent mental health problems. The team plays a primary role in the identification and referral process of students who are experiencing these problems.

Confidentiality between the student and the school shall be respected and maintained. If you need help in referring a student to the Student Assistance Team, contact the Student Assistance Specialist or any team member.


Liberty’s Program

Liberty’s Student Assistance Program is a program designed to remove barriers to students’ learning and success in and outside of school! The program assists students who may be dealing with mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems, family issues, low self-esteem, disciplinary problems, and many other obstacles students face. We offer support in school through various avenues and work with the student and their family to assist in finding solutions to problems that exist for the student. We also offer referral services to parents and students who are struggling with issues that require more than the school can provide.


Referrals to the Student Assistance Program

Students can be referred to the Student Assistance Program by anyone, and the referral is confidential. Students are referred by parents, teachers, administrators, other students, and themselves. They are referred due to reasons including a drop in grades, change in appearance, loss of interest in activities, disciplinary issues, talk of drug and alcohol use, depressed mood, uncontrolled anger, and other concerns that someone may have about a student. Referrals to the Student Assistance Program are confidential, which means that a student will not find out who referred them to the program. Our Student Assistance teams also respect the confidentiality of the program and do not discuss anything related to the program to faculty members, not on the team.


What Happens Next

Several things can happen after a student is referred to the Student Assistance Program. The Student Assistance Coordinator or School Counselor may talk to the student, to see if that student is struggling with any issues. The team may decide to send out behavior observation forms to the student’s teachers to see if they are noticing any concerns with the student. Parents of the student may be contacted to obtain their feedback and to also offer an assessment of the student or other resources. If an issue is identified, the team will problem solve with the student’s parents on what would be the best course of action to assist the student.


How Can I Refer a Student to the Student Assistance Program?

Referrals can be made to the Student Assistance Program in several ways. You can contact the Student Assistance Program Coordinator, Miss. Shawver, either by calling her at 740-725-5600 or e-mailing her. You can also talk to a School Counselor, Administrator, faculty member or any member of the Student Assistance Program team.